Playhouse Disney’s online Guide for Grownups provides tips for parents and educators.

Partnering with Parents

We see parents and caregivers as key partners in guiding and refining our thinking on children's entertainment and on how to best serve the needs of families. We talk to parents frequently at our parks, at focus groups and screenings and via multiple online platforms. These interactions are fundamental to our relationship with parents, and critical to sustaining the trust we've built up over our 85-year history. We also receive spontaneous feedback from parents in the form of e-mails, letters and phone calls, which we value enormously. Listening to what parents have to say is critical to helping us continuously improve what we offer, and to do a better job serving the diverse needs of today's families.

Disney-branded products distinguish themselves from other media and entertainment products in their focus on delivering the opportunity for a shared family experience. We encourage parents to be actively engaged with their children in viewing Disney-branded content and sharing in the experiences we create. At our parks and resorts, through our movies, online platforms, publications and TV networks, we provide forums and content that both value and respect children and give adults a point of connection to children in their lives.