Long-Term Goal #3: Zero waste

Disney has a long-term vision of achieving zero waste. Meeting the goal will require minimizing waste, increasing and improving aggressive recycling and other disposal mitigation programs, and sourcing high-recycled content and highly recyclable products.


Disney business units generate solid waste during the course of regular business operations. The quantity of solid waste sent to landfills from all theme parks (excluding Tokyo Disney Resort, which is owned and operated by the Oriental Land Company) is provided in Chart 13. The table also lists the estimated quantity of material diverted from landfills in 2006 from initiatives such as recycling, reuse, composting and donations.

We intend to include estimated solid waste data for our other operations in future reports.

Medium-Term Targets

We have also established some key medium-term targets in support of these long-term goals:

  • By 2013, decrease solid waste to landfill to 50% of 2006 baseline level
  • By 2013, increase percentage of purchases that include post-consumer recycled material


Merchandise Bags

In 2008, Disney set a merchandise bag standard outlining how branded retail plastic bags should be used within worldwide operations. The standard recommends that plastic bags be made from post-consumer recycled material, unless acquired from a region in which recycled content is not available, and paper bags be made from Forest Stewardship Council-approved pulp. Additionally, the standard spells out requirements and guidelines to minimize overall usage of disposable bags. Cast Members are encouraging Guests to reuse existing bags and consider purchasing sturdy reusable bags available at many retail outlets. Additionally, all plastic bags must now contain messaging that describes the environmental attributes of the bag and inspires reuse and recycling in lieu of disposal.

Set Reuse

Building on the success of the ABC Television "Set Reuse Program" started in 2004, the program last year improved its recycling process to ensure that end-of-life materials are recycled. In 2008 the program recycled nearly 80% of wood and 100% of metal products from sets.

WALL-E DVD Packaging

In November 2008, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment launched the Disney/Pixar Wall-E DVD packaged in recyclable paperboard. The internal tray and paper inserts are made from 30% and 100% post-consumer recycled content material, respectively.


Although specific day-to-day waste reduction efforts vary according to local municipalities, our overall strategy seeks to integrate waste prevention, minimization and global purchasing decisions as key components of our core business strategies and operations.