Learning: DisneyHand Teacher Awards: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who nominated me? Is this application valid even though my name is spelled incorrectly?
A: Due to legal restrictions, nominations are made anonymously. When you return your application with corrected information, any previously incorrect information will be updated.

Q: I'm a teacher's aide, assistant, or part-time teacher. Do I qualify?
A: No, only full-time teachers are eligible; however, congratulations on your nomination.

Q: I'm not available (i.e. pregnancy, retirement) for one component of the program (recognition ceremony, professional development institute or implementation work in 2004-05). May I still apply?
A: No. Applicants must be available for all events and activities.

Q: What if I'm transferred during the summer or move to another school [state]?
A: If you have this information before applying, please have your future principal complete the Principal's Agreement and your current principal write the Letter of Recommendation. Otherwise, have your current principal complete both. Moving or transferring does not disqualify you.

Q: I'm a part-time principal (college professor, etc.). Do I qualify?
A: You qualify if your administrative duties are in addition to full-time teaching.

Q: What if my principal is on leave?
A: An administrator with appropriate authority (e.g., superintendent) may sign the Principal's Agreement.

Q: What is the difference between a nominee and an Honoree?
A: A nominee is a teacher identified through a public nomination process. Only nominees who complete the application are eligible for selection as a DisneyHand Teacher Awards Honoree. The national selection committee chooses 3 applicants in each of the 10 categories to be DisneyHand Teacher Awards Honorees.

Q: Which category should I apply in if I'm part of a team?
A: If one team member is nominated, up to three members of the team may apply together in the appropriate subject category, or the nominee may choose to apply individually. If a team teaches several subjects at the Middle or High School level, please apply as an Interdisciplinary Team. A teacher may submit only one application.

Q: I applied last year and was not selected. May I reapply?
A: Yes. Please complete and return this application. Some teachers apply many times before being selected because there are so many great teachers.

Q: Is there any flexibility in the application deadline?
A: Due to the selection process, we regret that we cannot extend the application deadline. Past applicants tell us the biggest challenge is getting the Letters of Recommendation back in time. Please start with these and get them back before completing the application.

Q: When will I hear if I have been selected?
A: All applicants will be notified of Honoree selection by May. Information will be mailed to the address that you provide on your application.

Q: Will Disney use my application information as a way to market and sell materials to me?
A: No, the only use of your information is for the application process in 2004.