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Oso Spring Party Pennant

Party Banner
After a long gray winter, cheerful decorations and bold colors are anything but undercover -- they're a welcome sight for anyone, but especially for Special Agent Oso, who always looks on the bright side of things. Hang this banner and get the party started! See More Crafts
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You'll Need

    Download the template here: Party Banner

    • 1 or more sheets of 8.5" x 11" heavyweight paper
    • Ribbon, yarn, string or tape
    • Scissors or cutting tool


  1. NOTE: Cutting intended for grown-ups only.

    Decide what you want your banner to say and edit the text in the project artwork. Click on the existing letter, delete, and type in your own letter.

    Oso Spring Party Pennant - Step 1
  2. Print your banner pieces and allow them to dry completely.

    Oso Spring Party Pennant - Step 2
  3. Continue this process until you've printed all of the letters of your banner.

    Oso Spring Party Pennant - Step 3
  4. Using scissors or a cutting tool and cutting mat, trim away the white areas around the artwork.

    Oso Spring Party Pennant - Step 4
  5. Punch holes on the side of each letter and string together with ribbon or yarn.

    Oso Spring Party Pennant - Step 5
  6. You can display your banner in a variety of ways, such as hanging them on a line and using clothespins to suspend each letter, orattaching them to a wall or mantel with tape.

    Oso Spring Party Pennant - Step 6

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