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Handy Manny Toolbox

Handy Manny Toolbox
Your little handy man can "fix it right" with his own set of Handy Manny tools! See More Crafts

You'll Need


  1. Print out the Handy Manny tool box and tools on cardstock or regular paper. Cut out the tool box including the four slits indicated (two on each end of the box) and the handle.

  2. Fold the tool box along the dashed white lines away from you so the red color is on the outside. Place glue on tab A and glue it to the inside of the end of the box. Place glue on tab B, and glue it to the inside of the opposite end of the box.

  3. Place glue on tabs C and D and glue them to the inside of the ends of the box.

  4. Cut out the handle and fold along the center white dashed line so the color is on the outside. Open the two halves and place glue on the white side of the handle. Refold the handle and press firmly.

  5. Fold the end tabs marked E and F along the white dashed line. Place glue on the outer side of the tab and glue to the inside ends of the tool box.

  6. Next, take a page with tools and fold it in half along the center grey line. Reopen the page and spread glue over half of the page (on the white side of the page).

  7. Refold the page and press down firmly. Let the glue dry, and then cut out each tool along the dashed grey lines. Leave each tool attached at the fold. Repeat this step with the second page of tools. Now you can place the tools in the tool box and let the fun begin!

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