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Oso Spring Pinwheels

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Open the windows, let the warm breeze in, and twirl this cute, printable pinwheel to get your springtime celebration going. See More Crafts
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You'll Need

    Download the template here: Pinwheels

    • Scissors or cutting tool
    • Cutting mat (optional)
    • Multi-purpose glue
    • Tape (optional)
    • Paperclip


  1. NOTE: Cutting intended for grown-ups only.

    Print out pages and set aside to dry.

    Oso Spring Pinwheels - Step 1
  2. Cut out the pinwheel following the solid lines and the small circles from Page A. Fold the pinwheel in half along the dotted lines and glue the sides together. Then cut along the solid white lines on the pinwheel.

    Oso Spring Pinwheels - Step 2
  3. Cut out the pinwheel handle along the outside edge from Page B.

    Oso Spring Pinwheels - Step 3
  4. Gently bend every other point into the center of the square. Insert a bent paperclip through the back of the pinwheel and each of the points to hold the paper in place. Glue and/or tape the tips to the back of the small circle.

    Oso Spring Pinwheels - Step 4
  5. Apply glue along the long edge of the unprinted (or back) side of the right edge of the paper (opposite the pattern, not the edge with the fold lines).

    Oso Spring Pinwheels - Step 5
  6. Fold and roll together 3-4 times along the fold lines at the left side. This folded section will give you something to tightly wrap the rest of the handle around.

    Oso Spring Pinwheels - Step 6
  7. Tightly curl the rest of the paper around the folded section and apply glued section when you come to the end. The curled cylinder should be no wider than 1/4 inch.

    Oso Spring Pinwheels - Step 7
  8. Attach the pinwheel to the handle by inserting the paperclip into the curled cylinder so that it spins freely.

    Oso Spring Pinwheels - Step 8

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