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Wacky Inventions Party Game

Wacky Inventions Party Game
Give your party guests a ton of everyday materials to work with and see what kinds of bizarre creations your budding inventors create! See More Crafts

You'll Need

    • Various materials, including things like aluminum foil, plastic utensils (no knives), paper, magnets, newspaper, toilet paper and paper towelrolls, buttons, dried pasta in different shapes, yarn, straws, pipe cleaners, construction paper
    • Glue stick
    • White glue
    • Plain white index cards or place setting cards
    • Marker or pen


  1. Have an art table set up with various materials and encourage children to build their own unique invention by gluing whatever objects they like together with white glue or a glue stick. Children may choose to layer objects on a piece of construction paper, or create an abstract three-dimensional sculpture!

  2. Ask each child to give his or her invention a name and describe its function. Write the name on the index card or place setting card.

  3. OPTIONAL: When all children are finished, arrange the inventions on a table with their respective description cards and have a wacky invention art exhibit later in the party!

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