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Handy Manny
Handy Manny
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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Mickey entertains a new generation of preschoolers for the first time by inviting them to join him and his favorite friends (Goofy, Donald, Minnie, Daisy & Pluto) for a date at the Clubhouse. Using early math learning and problem solving skills, he leads kids on an interactive adventure of learning and fun.
Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning at 8am/7c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel.
Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Jake and his crew of pirates team up for fun-filled adventures throughout Never Land. The series follows Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully as they embark on a treasure hunt adventure against Captain Hook and Smee. Jake invites viewers to use teamwork, problem-solving and physical activity to reclaim their treasure.
Watch Jake and the Never Land Pirates every morning at 8:30am/7:30c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel.
Doc McStuffins
Doc is a young girl who is the "Doctor Doolittle" for toys. Doc's backyard playhouse becomes her clinic where she uses her special ability to communicate with toy friends to help them when they have physical or emotional bangs and bruises.
Watch Doc McStuffins weekday mornings at 10am/9c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel.
Sofia the First
Sofia is a about a little girl, a commoner, until her mom marries the king and suddenly she's royalty. She's whisked off to the castle where she learns that looking like a princess is easy, but behaving like one has to come from the heart.
Watch Sofia the First Friday Mornings at 9:30am/8:30c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel
A dynamic team of adventure (quirky and courageous) heroes who dive into action whenever there is trouble brewing in the sea. Equipped with a fleet of aquatic vehicles, they rescue amazing sea creatures, explore incredible underwater worlds, and often save the day before returning safely to their home base, the Octopod.
Watch Octonauts weekday mornings at 11:30am/10:30c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel.
Handy Manny
Manny Garcia, a kind, generous, outgoing handyman and his eclectic mix of talking tools help the people of Sheet Rock Hills with repairs both large and small, while teaching kids how to confront and conquer everyday problems.
Watch Handy Manny weekdays at 12:30pm/11:30c on Disney Junior, the channel.
Special Agent Oso
"Special Agent Oso" is a lovable special agent in training. In each episode Oso receives his "Special Assignment" to help a kid with an everyday task by breaking it down to three simple steps. It's up to Oso and our viewers to complete the three special steps and get the job done, just in time.
Watch Special Agent Oso weekday afternoons at 1pm/12c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel.
Imagination Movers
Four blue-suited musicians - Smitty, Dave, Scott and Rich - make up the Imagination Movers, whose job it is to find innovative solutions to silly and practical problems while performing catchy songs. The Imagination Movers is a hip, high-energy series that demonstrates how teamwork & creative thinking can help solve problems.
Watch Imagination Movers weekday mornings at 8am/7c on Disney Junior, the channel.
Jungle Junction
Deep in the heart of the jungle lives a colorful company of animals that have wheels instead of feet. Follow their fun, fast-moving adventures as the animals help each other learn problemsolving and the importance of teamwork, and our audience learns pre-literacy skills through the use of road signs and maps.
Watch Jungle Junction Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 12:30 pm/11:30c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel.
Johnny and the Sprites
John Tartaglia, star of the Tony-award-winning "Avenue Q;" interacts with a group of adorable, magical puppet Sprites, Ginger, Basil, Lily and Root in a series of musical adventures featuring songs by some of Broadway's greatest contemporary composers.
Watch Johnny and the Sprites every morning at 4am/3c on Disney Junior, the channel.
Higglytown Heroes
Eubie, Kip, Twinkle, Wayne and Fran live in a toy-like colorful, wonky town where they learn about community and neighborhood, and that every person with a job or skill is, in fact, an everyday "hero".
Watch Higglytown Heroes weekday afternoons at 1pm/12c on Disney Junior, the channel.
Charlie and Lola
Developed by the best-selling children's book author/illustrator, Lauren Child and based on her hit boo, I Will Never Ever Eat a Tomato, the series is about an older brother interpreting the world for his very imaginative, and sometimes very stubborn little sister. Through wild and fanciful storytelling and visuals, Charlie and Lola struggle to understand each other and the world around them.
Watch Charlie and Lola every morning at 8:30am/7:30c on Disney Junior, the channel.
Gaspard and Lisa
Based on the books by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben, Gaspard and Lisa follows the adventures of two puppies who are best friends as they experience the wonders and challenges of school, family life and their Paris neighborhood.
Watch Gaspard and Lisa weekday mornings at 7am/6c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel.
Guess How Much I Love You
Based on the UK picture book, 'Guess How Much I Love You' by Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram, this gentle animated series is centered around the love and friendship between Little and Big Nutbrown Hare, a father and son.
Watch Guess How Much I Love You weeknights at 8:30pm/7:30c on Disney Junior, the channel.
Stanley is a 6-year-old boy who's wild about animals and loves to solve problems. Along with his pets, he looks through "The Great Big Book of Everything" to help him solve problems and learn more about his world.
Watch Stanley weekday mornings at 11:30am/10:30c on Disney Junior, the channel.
The Koala Brothers
An animated children's television show that features the adventures of two brothers, Frank and Buster, as they seek to help their neighbors in a sleepy town in the Australian Outback.
Watch The Koala Brothers weekday mornings at 11am/10c on Disney Junior, the channel.
JoJo's Circus
Six year old clown-girl JOJO and her little pet lion Goliath navigate life in Circus Town as they engage the audience in playful physical movement and song.
Watch JoJo's Circus weekday mornings at 9am/8c on Disney Junior, the channel.
Rolie Polie Olie
Created by renowned children's book author and illustrator William Joyce; The Emmy and Gemini Award-winning series chronicles the touching and tumultuous world of Olie, a simple six-year-old boy who lives in a magical mechanical world where everyone and everything is round and robotic.
Watch Rolie Polie Olie weekday mornings at 9:30am/8:30c on Disney Junior, the channel.
Bunny Town is a busy world populated by the Funny Bunnies, a group of laughter-loving, gleefully bouncy, puppet bunnies. The Funny Bunnies think their neighbors in People Town are enormously entertaining, and they can't get enough of observing the extremely silly things they do. Through song, dance and madcap hilarity, the Funny Bunnies and their People friends keep preschoolers laughing and learning out loud.
Watch Bunnytown Shorts on Disney Junior.
Minnie's Bow-Toons
Minnie Mouse has a passion for fashion, which she showcases in this short-form series (based on an episode of ``Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'') as the owner, along with good friend Daisy Duck, of Minnie's Bow-tique, a specialty shop that sells only bows and bow ties. The shop has a bow (or bow tie) for every occasion.
Watch Minnie's Bow-Toons on Disney Junior.
Disney A Poem Is...
A short-form animated series showcasing poems for children set to scenes and imagery from classic Disney films including "Dumbo," "Bambi," and "Lady and the Tramp." Narrated by Katie Holmes and Jennifer Garner, the series is designed to cultivate fond memories of Disney classics for parents and create new ones for kids by introducing young children to the beauty of a poem.
Watch A Poem Is... on Disney Junior.
Choo choo Soul
The music video-style shorts feature Genevieve Goings and D.C., performing Choo-Choo Soul songs with a group of young children in a blend of live action and computer animation.
Watch Choo-Choo Soul on Disney Junior.
Small Potatoes
"Small Potatoes" introduces a rocking quartet of musical spuds who sing, dance and rock their way through entertaining music videos and comedy sketches. The members of the band are Ruby, the diva; Nate, the artist; Olaf, the caretaker; and Chip, a quirky little spud. The band's songs cover every popular musical genre, from Motown to reggae and rock & roll.
Watch Small Potatoes on Disney Junior.
3rd & Bird
"3rd & Bird" follows the adventures of three young birds - Muffin Lovebird, Samuel and their friend, Rudy, as they learn all about their vibrant treetop community. Stories focus on diversity, tolerance, perseverance and social skills.
Watch 3rd and Bird weekday mornings at 6am/5c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel.
Babar and the Adventures of Badou follows the adventures of Babar's eight-year-old grandson Badou, who along with his friends and family, solves numerous mysteries, puzzles and situations in Celesteville. The city now features other animals besides elephants.
Watch Babar and the Adventures of Badou weekday mornings at 10am/9c on Disney Junior, the channel.
Tasty Time with Ze Fronk
Tasty Time with ZeFronk is a series of shorts starring ZeFronk, a French wiener dog who hosts a cooking show from inside his doghouse. With the help of his assistant, a bird named Sue, ZeFronk whips up fun and healthy snacks for kids while trying to keep them away from his sneaky neighbor cat Dom.
Watch Tasty Time with Ze Fronk on Disney Junior, the channel.
Little Einsteins
Leo, Annie, Quincy and June are the Little Einsteins. This preschool series is full of adventures that introduce kids to nature, world cultures and the arts. Each episode has a mission and journey of discovery that incorporates a celebrated piece of classical music and a renowned work of art or world culture. The Little Einsteins use their passion and talents to work together and solve challenges.
Watch Little Einsteins weekday mornings on Disney Junior.
Wilson, Koko and Brewster are three young locomotive trainees. As they complete their daily tasks and practice their skills, they learn lessons of responsibility, bravery and the meaning of true friendship.
Watch Chuggington weekday mornings at 7:30am/6:30c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel.
Dance-A-Lot Robot
A combination of animation and live-action, "Dance-a-Lot-Robot" stars Dance-a-Lot, a robot with rhythm who teaches preschoolers simple original dance steps including the robot, the blue jay, the dinosaur stomp and the clock, all set to the music of Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh.
Watch Dance-a-Lot Robot on Disney Junior, the channel.
Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?
"Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?" stars Mikey and his pet alligator, Al. Mikey encourages viewers to help him teach his scaly best friend how to behave properly. Whether it's being a good sport on the playground or how to behave properly at the library or in a restaurant, it's up to Mikey and preschoolers to help Al learn good manners.
Watch Can You Teach My Alligator Manners? on Disney Junior, the channel.
Tinga Tinga Tales
Inspired by traditional African animal folktales and the art of Tanzania, Tinga Tinga Tales opens up a fantastical world of color, characters and transformation.
Watch Tinga Tinga Tales weekday mornings at 10:30am/9:30c on Disney Junior, the channel.
Happy Monster Band
Join our popular monster band, L.O., Ink, Frred and Bluz as they tour the globe sharing great tunes with their monster fans worldwide. Along the way they'll discover unique and interesting facts about the places they visit while learning valuable lessons on working together as a band.
Watch Happy Monster Band on Disney Junior, the channel.
Timmy Time
Adorable he may be but Timmy is a little lamb with a lot to learn. He has just turned 3 and being the only lamb in the flock, Timmy has been used to getting his own way. Now for the first time, Timmy is going to have to learn to get along with other little animals at his new preschool.
Watch Timmy Time weekday mornings at 7am/6c on Disney Junior, the channel.

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