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Cars Birthday Party

Cars Birthday Cupcakes
If the Cars gang revs your preschooler's engine, this birthday party -- imported direct from Radiator Springs -- is full of ideas that won't misfire.

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Planning the Party

  1. The Invitation

    Make an invitation that fits your theme and serves a practical purpose. Look up your home or party location on an online mapping site, and then print out maps for each invitation. Let kids place stickers or drawings of their favorite Cars characters on the location. Then, glue the maps to construction paper where you can include all of your party details.

  2. Crafts, Activities & Favors

    When you've gathered a group of preschoolers, you need diversions that can come through in the clutch. Flo's Oil Can Party Favors are a fun and easy "craftivity" that's perfect for preschoolers. Simply save up some empty frosting containers and let kids design their oil cans, which can be filled with trinkets and stickers at party's end. To really get kids' gears turning, you can also let them assemble Tippy Cardboard Tractors or Lightning McQueen Air Fresheners to take home. To get things rolling, it's a good idea to have all the pieces pre-cut so that kids can keep busy assembling their projects. Finally, when it's time for your guests to motor, send them home with a printable Radiator Springs Playset.

  3. What to Serve

    Set your table with a black-and-white checkered tablecloth for a racing flag feel, then give new meaning to fast food when you serve Lightning McQueen's Racing Wheel Burgers with a side of Lightning McQueen's Racing Stripe Veggies. Parents will appreciate the healthy fare while kids will enjoy funned-up versions of everyday foods. Signal it's time for dessert with Radiator Springs Traffic Light Gelatin and Radiator Springs Stoplight Cupcakes. For a really impactful centerpiece, make enough cupcakes to arrange three groups into red, yellow and green circles to resemble a traffic light.

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