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Imagination Movers Birthday Party

Imagination Birthday Cake
Preschoolers love to use their imaginations, come up with big ideas, and most of all, have fun! This party is sure to leave children jumping and shouting! See More Parties

Planning the Party

  1. The Invitation

    Schedule time to make these easy, printable invitations with the birthday boy or girl. Your child can also help pick out stamps, decorate the envelope and mail the invitations -- or deliver them personally to neighbors, friends and preschool pals.

  2. What to Serve

    For a healthy and easy-to-prepare main dish that adds color to your table, try Smitty's Wagon Wheel Pasta. The kids can wash it down with a cold glass of Nina's Fizzy Pink Lemonade. For the grande finale, this Imagination Movers Birthday Cake is a real showstopper!

  3. Decorations, Playtime & Favors

    Made from recycled cans, this colorful Imagination Movers Drum Kit can do double duty as both a decoration and a party "craftivity." Set out everything you need before guests arrive. Print out the instructions and place a copy at each setting for little ones to consult with the help of a grownup. Send each child home with his or her creation, along with these fun Imagination Movers Party Favors. This creative Wacky Inventions Party Game lets little ones use their imaginations to create their own inventions.

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