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Jungle Junction Birthday Party

Jungle Junction Beanbag Beetle Bugs
Head deep into the jungle with Zooter, Ellyvan and Bungo using these Jungle Junction-inspired invitations, favors and treats. See More Parties

Planning the Party

  1. The Invitation

    Schedule time to print and make jungle-themed invitations with the birthday boy or girl. With a little help from a grown-up to do the cutting, these simple, hand-written Jungle Party Invitations are easy to shape like an oversized leaf. Your child can also help pick out stamps, decorate the envelope and mail the invitations -- or deliver them personally to neighbors, friends and preschool pals.

  2. Decorations, Playtime & Favors

    These festive Jungle Supplies Party Favors can do double duty as a party game. First, create a bag of supplies by filling a paper grocery bag with candy and small plastic creatures. Tape the bag closed and label it with printed-out "Expedition Supplies" labels. Use twine to hang it from the ceiling in a basement, inside a garage, in the yard from a tree or on a porch. Have the kids take turns using a plastic sword or a stick to whack it open. After the scramble, gather the loot and divide it equally into the pre-labeled brown paper lunch bags to create the individual favors.

    These hand-crafted Jungle Junction Beanbag Beetle Bugs make a great extra for the goodie bag. If you set out all the supplies, they also make a fun party "craftivity" -- with a grown-up standing by to do the cutting and hot glue steps.

  3. What to Serve

    For a healthy snack option, try Jungle Junction Banana Nut Snack Mix. While you can serve this as a snack or dessert, no birthday bash is complete without cupcakes. These colorful Jungle Junction Bungo Sign Cupcakes let kids know to be on the lookout for birthday fun!

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