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Little Einsteins Birthday Party

Little Einsteins Birthday Party
Your young genius' Little Einsteins birthday party will be a masterpiece when you plan it using these brilliant ideas. See More Parties

Planning the Party

  1. The Invitation

    You'll hit all the right notes when you personalize and send out these Little Einsteins Printable Party Invitations. Your preschooler can help put stamps and decorate the envelopes, or even sign his or her name to the cards.

  2. Crafts, Activities & Favors

    No Little Einsteins celebration can be complete without music. Take your game of Musical Chairs up a notch by playing some of the Einsteins' favorite classical tunes by Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. When the music is fast, shout "Allegro" to get kids moving faster, and "Adagio," when down-tempo music plays, signaling they should slow down. If the Little Einsteins were in charge of party planning, they'd want to end things with a favor to keep the learning, playing, and imagining happening long after the candles are blown out. Send kids home with Little Einsteins Party Favor Bags -- with trinkets just right for young artists and musicians -- and printable Little Einsteins Playsets.

  3. What to Serve

    Start smart with healthy brain food all kids will eat. Annie's Chicken "Microphones" -- delicious microphone-shaped wrap sandwiches bursting with carrots, peppers and tomatoes -- will have kids singing for more. You also can't go wrong with Quincy's Cheesy Stuffed Pasta Shells -- inspired by Einstein Quincy, who can play any instrument, even seashells! No Little Einstein party would be complete without something red inspired by the Red Rocket. Rocket's Red Slushies are perfect fruit-infused fuel for your young guests. Top things off with Creative Cupcakes -- they're really easy on you, because the whole point of this birthday dessert is to let the guests decorate their cupcake themselves!

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