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Special Agent Oso Birthday Party

Special Agent Oso Pin the Tail on the Whirly Bird
We have a special assignment for you. It involves a few special steps, several young party guests, and the expert assistance of a unique stuffed bear. See More Parties

Planning the Party

  1. The Invitation

    Schedule time to print and make Special Agent Oso-themed invitations with the birthday boy or girl. Your child can also help pick out stamps, decorate the envelope and mail the invitations -- or deliver them personally to neighbors, friends and preschool pals. The more involved kids are, the more enthusiastic they will be about doing it next time. With a little help from a grown-up, these simple, print-and-fold invitations salute Special Agent Oso in style.

  2. Decorations, Playtime & Favors

    You can also ask your child to help with the decorations, like this darling Special Agent Oso Table Centerpiece, featuring all your favorite characters from the show. It's easy to print and assemble -- and even set out and arrange in advance. On party day, the best way to amuse children as you wait for everyone to arrive is to set up a simple, easy-to-do activity in which they can work at their own pace and interact with the rest of the group. This adorable Special Agent Oso 1, 2, 3 Secret Agent Watch doubles as both favor and activity, which little partygoers can personalize and assemble under the supervision of an adult, then take home. Once the party gets underway, Pin the Tail on the Whirly Bird is a simple and engaging game for smaller tykes. Print and display the game in advance -- with enough tails for each party guest -- along with printable medals for each participant.

  3. What to Serve

    Start a day of paw-fectly healthy fun with this wholesome, nutritious option, Mr. Dos' Veggie Wraps. You can serve this as a snack -- or round the recipe out into a main dish. For dessert, Special Agent Oso Paw Pilot Cupcakes make a sweet salute to everybody's favorite special agent.

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