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Toy Story Party

Toy Story Green Alien Cupcakes
If your child loves playing around with the Toy Story gang, and birthday party planning has you stumped, you've got a friend in these ideas featuring Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toys! See More Parties

Planning the Party

  1. The Invitation

    Woody and Buzz might be great friends, but they have their differences. Depending on whether your kid favors Buzz's space savvy or Woody's rootin'-tootin' reputation, you can use a galactic or an Old West message. Try something like, "Join us for an out-of-this-world birthday party, Space Ranger" or "Be My Birthday Deputy," and let your child decorate the invitations or envelopes with space or cowboy-themed stickers and drawings.

  2. What to Serve

    Pizza Planet is one of Andy's favorites, and pizza is hard to go wrong with at a kid's party. But to change up this tyke-favored food, let kids make mini fruit pizzas. Use whole wheat, whole grain English muffin halves coated with peanut or almond butter "sauce" and then add "toppings" like raisins, banana slices, grapes or other dried fruits. As the centerpiece of your table, we're sure you'll choose an array of these darling Alien Cupcakes. Kids won't be able to keep their claws off of them!

  3. Crafts, Activities & Favors

    Before guests arrive, have your birthday kid help you decorate your playspace with felt Toy Story Party Pennants. As a "craftivity" for the whole party to enjoy, you can also have guests make and contribute new pennants to the strand, and then hang up the finished collection in the birthday boy or girl's room. Simple and fun Teeter Toys are another hands-on project to keep little ones busy while sending them home with a favor they can show off.

    If anything is key to a Toy Story party, it's lots of playtime. Tried-and-true party games are a perfect fit since Andy's toys are all classics. Print and play a game of Pin the Tail on Bullseye. Then, keep things going swimmingly with a Stretch the Octopus Piñata. Rather than hitting this piñata, kids simply have to pull on Stretch's many arms to see which one frees the candy and goodies inside. Another kid party must, the beanbag toss, takes on all new cool when you fashion several Wheezy the Penguin Bean Bags before the party. Then, find different sized containers -- sand pails, paint buckets, pots and pans, whatever you want -- and label them each with different point values. Give every guest a chance to toss beanbags and add up their points. The top points-earners can take home one of the Wheezy dolls as a prize.

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