Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party Favors

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party Favors
At a Clubhouse party, what better way to send goodies home than in Pluto's doggy bag? A simple brown paper bag with the child's name on it will do the trick. See More Crafts

You'll Need

    • A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse printable for the children to color at home. Print some here.
    • Carefully roll up the printables and secure with a purple ribbon (just like Daisy's!). You might include a small box of crayons, too.
    • A rubber ducky for bath time!
    • Kazoos or plastic harmonicas
    • Mouseketools - From pencils to balloons, include a few tools for having fun at home!


  1. Use plain brown paper bags and ask the birthday boy or girl to decorate them however he or she wants.

  2. Place the favors in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bag for the kids to carry the theme home.

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