The Haunted Mansion Haunted Hits - Music From and Inspired by The Film!
The Soundtrack
The Haunted Mansion Haunted Hits features both new and classic songs inspired by the spine-tingling adventures and excitement of Disney's The Haunted Mansion!

Check out a funky new version of "Superstition" by Raven, star of Disney Channel original comedy series, "That's So Raven". You've never heard a song like this before! Barenaked Ladies add their twist to Disneyland favorite "Grim, Grinning Ghosts." New urban artist Calvin Richardson spins "I Put A Spell On You" R&B style. Then, get up and dance to Morris Day and the Time's "Somebody's Watching Me!"

Complete Song List:
  1. Superstition  Raven  Windows Media Quicktime Video
  2. Grim, Grinning Ghosts  Barenaked Ladies  Windows Media Quicktime
  3. Somebody's Watching Me  Morris Day  Windows Media Quicktime
  4. Spooky  Conti Bros.  Windows Media Quicktime
  5. Things That Go Bump in the Night  JACK  Windows Media Quicktime
  6. Right Place, Wrong Time  Brian O'Neal and The BusBoys  Windows Media Quicktime
  7. Dead Man's Party  Oingo Boingo  Windows Media Quicktime
  8. Man with the Hex  The Atomic Fireballs  Windows Media Quicktime
  9. Monster Mash  Brian O'Neal and The BusBoys  Windows Media Quicktime
  10. The Boogie Man  The Jackson 5  Windows Media Quicktime
  11. Tombstone  Suzanne Vega  Windows Media Quicktime
  12. I Put a Spell on You  Calvin Richardson  Windows Media Quicktime
  13. Grim, Grinning Ghosts  Singing Busts  Windows Media Quicktime
  14. Overture from The Haunted Mansion (Score)  Mark Mancina  Windows Media Quicktime
  15. So Long  Singing Busts  Windows Media Quicktime

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