Discover an Intergalactic Treasure with the Music and Adventure of Treasure Planet Soundtrack and Read-Along

Song List:

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featuring Hit Single by John Rzeznik, 'I'm Still Here'! - Check out the music video now!

1. "I'm Still Here" (Jim's Theme) - John Rzeznik
2. "Always Know Where You Are" - BBMak
3. "12 Years Later" (Score)
4. "To the Spaceport" (Score)
5. "Rooftop" (Score)
6. "Billy Bones" (Score)
7. "The Map" (Score)
8. "Silver" (Score)
9. "The Launch" (Score)
10. "Silver Comforts Jim" (Score)
11. "Jim Chases Morph" (Score)
12. "Ben" (Score)
13. "Silver Bargains" (Score)
14. "The Back Door" (Score)
15. "The Portal" (Score)
16. "Jim Saves the Crew" (Score)
17. "Silver Leaves" (Score)

Treasure Planet Read-Along - Buy Now! Read-Along with this breathtaking journey across the universe.

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