Take part in the magic of Mary Poppins when you Read-Along - Read-Along Storybook and Audio CD!

To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Mary Poppins,
Walt Disney Records brings you the newly re-mastered
Mary Poppins Read-Along!

Features a 24-page read-along storybook with colorful
images from the motion picture, plus an audio CD
featuring word for word story narration by Karen Doltrice
in her original film role as Jane Banks!

On the way to the park we met Mary's friend Bert. He had
just finished making chalk paintings on the sidewalk.

"Mary Poppins is taking us to the park."

"Not if I know Mary Poppins. What she's probably got in
mind is a jolly holiday somewheres or other. Something
along these lines, I shouldn't be surprised." And he walked
by his pictures, pointing out the different scenes.

Hear the words spoken!
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