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Walt Disney Records:
Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day Read-Along

The winds decide to stir things up in the Hundred Acre Wood, leading Pooh and crew on a high-flying adventure. Thunderstorms and floods do their darnedest to take the wind out of Pooh's assertion that "Windsdays" are a lot of fun. But Pooh, being Pooh, finds the best in the day's adventure, celebrating everyone's survival with a hero party.

Includes the song "Hip Hip Pooh-Ray."

You can hear the words below spoken! All you have to do is download a sound clip:


Picture from the book

At Piglet's house, the water was coming in through the window. He wrote a message and put it into a bottle. The message read, Help Piglet (Me). The bottle floated out of his house and out of sight.


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