Scare Yourself Silly on a New Musical Adventure! Monsters, Inc. Soundtrack
Grammy® Award-winning composer Randy Newman returns to create a new musical masterpiece that captures all the scary fun and adventure of the movie. The album features the end-title song "If I Didn't Have You" performed by Billy Crystal and John Goodman (Mike and Sulley), plus the soundtrack bonus version by Randy Newman.

Academy Award Winner!  Best Original Song "If I Didn't Have You"

Monsters, Inc. Soundtrack
Track Listings

1. "If I Didn't Have You"
      - Performed by Billy Crystal
      and John Goodman Real QuickTime
2. "Monsters, Inc."
3. "School"
4. "Walk to Work"
5. "Sulley and Mike"
6. "Randall Appears"
7. "Enter the Heroes"
8. "The Scare Floor"
9. "Oh, Celia!"
10. "Boo's Adventures in
11. "Boo's Tired"
12. "Putting Boo Back"
13. "Boo Escapes"
14. "Celia's Mad"
15. "Boo Is a Cube"
16. "Mike's In Trouble"
17. "The Scream Extractor"
18. "Sulley Scares Boo"
19. "Exile"
20. "Randall's Attack"
21. "The Ride of the Doors"
22. "Waternoose Is Waiting"
23. "Boo's Going Home"
24. "Kitty"
25. "If I Didn't Have You"
      - Performed by
      Randy Newman Real QuickTime

Watch Mike and Sulley Perform "If I Didn't Have You" Here!

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