Get down with The Proud Family - Music From the Hit Disney Channel TV Series!

Peep This!
How embarrassing must it be to have such a crazy family? Only 14-year-old Penny Proud knows what that's like. She has an over-protective Dad, an over-loving and wacky Mom, a totally funny Grandma who goes by the name Suga Mama, plus twin, infant siblings. Then there are her friends - her best girl Dijonay Jones, her geeky friend Zoey, her popular friend LaCienega, and her cool friend Sticky. Penny's many adventures are highlighted with tight music by the coolest artists in the business plus her co-stars! And now you can check out all the music from the show on one CD!

The Music
You won't want to miss these slammin' sounds, from R & B to hip hop…the grooves don't stop! With the stars of the show breakin' it down plus some of your favorite songs from the show sung by super popular artists. This soundtrack is off the hook!!

Track List

The Proud Family - Buy Now!

LaCienega, Penny, Dijonay, and Zoey make up the slammin' group L.P.D.Z.!
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