The Ultimate Toy Box is getting rave reviews:

Winner of 4 DVD awards including: Best In Show, Best Innovation - Mixing Demo, Best Special Feature - 3-D Flyaround Tours, Best Special Edition -- Video Store Magazine's DVD Awards

A+ Rating from Entertainment Weekly

Rated Best DVD of the year by

Rated #1 by "Best DVDs of 2000 The DVD Talk List" --

Stereophile Guide to Home Theater Platinum Award for DVD of the Year

"Reason alone to finally get yourself a DVD player...both movies...deserve genuine classic status."
-- Child, Feb 2001

"a collection that I'll watch again and again"
-- Geoffrey Kleinman,

"It's hard to know where to begin in describing this amazing 3-disc package"
-- Home Theater

"vivid and crisp"
-- Home Theater

"balance is crisp, the surrounds active, and the bass astonishing"
-- Home Theater

"Collector's Edition is absolutely loaded with features"
-- Home Theater

"DVD set of the year"
-- Home Theater

"simply astonishing"
-- Home Theater

"The computer maestros at Pixar Studios are working at the top of their game, but just as importantly, so are the screenwriters."
-- Los Angeles Daily News

"...a 'cutting-edge franchise'...[that] has the power to enchant children while keeping adults entertained."
-- The New York Times

"The DVDs of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 will take you to infinity and beyond."
-- Teen People

"This is one time when no adult should be ashamed to play with toys."
-- George Thomas, Kron Beacon Journal

Received 5 of 5 stars. "...every frame is packed with enough visual detail to make repeat viewings a true voyage of discovery." "A Thirds disc is devoted to what may be the most elaborate package of extras ever created."
-- Sound and Vision

"So visually fluent, they [the movies/DVDs in the set] make you want to pick up a mouse immediately and start rendering your own cinematic fancies."
-- Steve Daly, Entertainment Weekly

" entire toy store." (in reference to the DVDs in the Ultimate Toy Box)
-- Terry Lawson, Kansas City Star

"This has to be one of the most complete special-edition packages released in the DVD format." "The third disc forms a comprehensive guide on how the 'Toy Story' world was created."
-- Vern Perry, The Orange County Register

"No family DVD collection is complete without it!"
-- Chicago Tribune

"Film Ratings (Toy Story/Toy Story 2): A/A+, Disc Ratings (Video/Audio - movie discs): A+/A, Disc Rating (Extras - all 3 discs): A+" "Wow. In this day of mega-DVD special editions, the bar for quality has been raised awfully high. But Buena Vista and Pixar's The Ultimate Toy Box definitely hits the mark and then some." "This may very well be the most impressive convergence yet of superior DVD audio and video quality and truly outstanding supplemental materials. Add to that the fact that these two films are so universally loved and wanted on DVD, and it's very easy to argue that The Ultimate Toy Box is far and away the DVD event of the year."
-- Bill Hunt, The Digital Bits (