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Buzz Lightyear

(voiced by Tim Allen)

The pride of Star Command, Buzz Lightyear, is a living legend. Some Space Rangers are by the book. Buzz Lightyear wrote the book. He's the ultimate good cop. Buzz proudly fights for all that is good and pure in the universe. His toughest fight is against the greatest threat ever known to the Galactic Alliance...the most nefarious force of evil in the universe...the diabolical fiend known as the Evil Emperor Zurg.


(voiced by Wayne Knight)

Bent upon universal conquest, Zurg ruthlessly and relentlessly strives to crush the freedom-loving planets Galactic Alliance and those irritating champions of good, the space rangers of Star Command. And there is no space ranger more irritating than Zurg's arch-foe Buzz Lightyear. No matter how devious the plan...no matter how deadly the evil weapon...no matter how close Zurg gets to victory...Buzz Lightyear is always there to foil him. But not this time, Zurg has some devilish tricks up his sleeve that will surprise even Buzz Lightyear!

Evil Emperor Zurg


Mira Nova

(voiced by Nicole Sullivan)

Princess Mira Nova is heir to the throne on her home planet of Tangea. But life in the royal court just isn't for her. With Zurg's evil threatening all of the planets of the Galactic Alliance, Mira wanted to go where she could do the most good--Star Command. Her Tangean mental powers give her the unique ability to "ghost" through solid walls, a handy talent for a space ranger. The last time Commander Nebula saw a rookie with this much potential he became the ranger named Buzz Lightyear. As far as Nebula is concerned, Mira is the perfect candidate to fill Warp's shoes as Buzz's new partner. Now, if they can just convince Buzz.

(voiced by Stephen Furst)

Big and strong, this rotund custodian is an irresistible force and an immovable object rolled up in one. He works as a janitor on Star Command just to be close to the space rangers, especially his hero, Buzz Lightyear. Booster has memorized every detail of Buzz's career, and his lifelong dream is to become a space ranger and fight at his hero's side. When Booster finds himself in the wrong place at the right time, it looks like his dream just might come true...if only he and his three friends can survive a galaxy turned evil and defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg.


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