Princess Collection - Jasmine's Wish: Jasmine's Enchanted Tales

Jasmine decides to Do The Rat Thing and see what life is like beyond the palace walls. With Iago at her side, she dresses like a "street rat," but a magic mirror transforms Jasmine into a real rat!

There's a Bad Mood Rising in Quirkistan, an enchanted land that reflects the mood of its selfish boy king! Then Jasmine arrives and tells the king a story that puts him in such a sunny mood, he wants her to stay forever!
Jasmine and the boy king
Iago and Jasmine Add these gems to your Princess Collection!

Jasmine's Enchanted Tales:
The Greatest Treasure, Magic And Mystery, and True Hearts

Ariel's Songs And Stories:
Wish Upon A Starfish, Giggles

Belle's Sing Me A Story:
Beauty And The World Of Music, Chapters Of Enchantment

Running Time: Approx. 44 Minutes / Color / Not Rated

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