Interview with Hamm

Since you're always ready to share your two cents, why do you think Woody was toynapped?
Oh, that's obvious. Turns out he was a rare collectible, and someone realized they could make a buck off him. It was simple economics that led to the whole crisis. It always is.

What is the key to getting him back to Andy's room?
A heck of a lot of walking. Boy, I detest walking, especially when I'm carrying a lot of change. I should've 86'ed all those silver dollars before we hit the road.

What part do you play on the rescue team?
I was the brains of the mission. Technically, Buzz might've been in charge, but I'll tell you something, I think that helmet cuts off the oxygen to his brain. So the pressure was on old Hammy here to do the thinking for the rescue party.

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