Interview with Jessie

Tell us about the role you played on "Woody's Roundup."
Why, sure. I'd be glad to. I was the yodeling cowgirl. [She yodels] And whenever I yodeled, my animal friends would come running to help me out. Except they weren't really running. They were on strings and all. It's kinda hi-tech stuff. It's complicated.

How long have you and Bullseye been friends?
Oh, for years and years. We got to know each other pretty well when we were in storage. Which was hard since he doesn't talk, but I learned a lot just asking him yes or no questions in the dark. He would just tap his hoof on the box, you know, once for yes, twice for no.

Tell us about your former owner, Emily.
Oh, you're gonna make me cry. [Deep breath] Emily was the best kid I ever knew. Then she grew up. And when she wasn't a kid anymore, she didn't need her toys. So that was a hard thing to deal with. I wish I could see her again.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
It doesn't matter. I'll live anywhere as long as I'm with my friends.

What attracts you to Woody?
You make it sound like we're girlfriend and boyfriend. Yuck. Don't get me wrong. Woody is a great guy. [Smiling] He sure stinks at arm wrestling, though.

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