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I would like to be an actor in a Disney film or television series. How do I get started?

As with any career, education and practice are important. A good first step would be to discuss your interests with a school counselor or drama teacher. If you are not currently enrolled in school, we recommend taking some drama courses at your local college. We suggest you familiarize yourself with a local theater group in your area, and read the entertainment industry trade papers, which are available at most libraries. In these you will find advertisements for upcoming auditions. Also, The Walt Disney Company employs thousands of performers for the various Theme Parks and Resorts. Auditions are held regularly to cast singers, dancers, actors, DJs and VJs, musicians, and bands. For information on these exciting opportunities, please visit our Disney Audition site. When you feel ready to do so, you might consider finding an agent. Their job is to locate work suitable for you. As most film and television organizations require agency representation, having an agent is almost essential for getting paid work. Please understand that we cannot recommend a particular agent or talent agency. For information on how to find an agent in your area, please consult your local entertainment trade papers or the career and entertainment sections of your local library.

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