Affa — A djinni who served Ptolemy and advised him on methods of departing the body. He died in battle trying to save his master.


Afrit — A demon of fire; the second most powerful form of spirit.


Ascobol — A djinni serving Nathaniel; usually takes on the form of a Cyclops.


Asmoral the Resolute — A djinni who was torn in two after refusing to follow his master's command to destroy Ianna, his closest ally and fellow djinni. The explosion caused the magician to also perish.


Atlas — A marid of unusual strength and muscular definition, employed by the Greek magician Phidias to construct the Parthenon. When the foundation was proven faulty, Atlas was charged to hold up the building indefinitely.


Bartimaeus — A witty and powerful 5,010-year-old djinni of the fourth-level, bound against his will to serving Nathaniel. Together they foiled many political conspiracies.


Baztuk (aka Bull-head) — An utukku; Bartimaeus destroyed his people during the battle at Al-Arish; now a sentry in the The Tower of London.


Borello — The demon used to occupy the human body of Nicholas Drew.


Castor — A courteous, efficient djinni who possessed a fiery pride and once served Nathaniel, but was dismissed after inciting a fight with other spirits.


Cormocodran — A humorless, third-level djinni serving Nathaniel; usually takes on the form of a man-boar.



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