Celebrating 80 Years of Adventures!
We are celebrating 80 years of adventures with Winnie the Pooh and Friends with a 2006 calendar filled with new products, programs, and festivities for any Pooh lover! So put on a red shirt and come join the adventure!
Visit Winnie the Pooh
Share a Wishband with a Friend

Share a Wishband with a friend and join Disney in our partnership with Make-A-Wish® (75% of the sale of each set of Wishbands benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation®).
Playhouse Disney
Playhouse Disney will join the celebration by airing Pooh specials throughout the year. In August, Playhouse Disney will have a special tribute for Pooh in celebration of Friendship Day. Stay tuned for details this summer.
New Winnie the Pooh Song
Grammy-nominated Disney Sound recording artist Ralph Covert debuts his brand-new song, "With a Friend (The Pooh Song)." The song will appear on "Welcome to Ralph's World CD + DVD" coming this fall. Listen to it on www.winniethepooh.com.
Pooh's Grand Adventure DVD

The adventure continues with the release of Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin on April 11th! Join Pooh and friends on a rescue mission to find Christopher Robin.
Pooh Figurines

Figurine collectors should look out for the special 80th commemorative figurine from both Enesco and Lenox. These truly unique collectables will make a special gift for that special Pooh lover.
New Pooh Books

Pooh readers can expect more Pooh books coming out this fall. Bring the Hundred Acre Wood home with the Winnie the Pooh Treasured Memories Storybook and Coloring Book.
History of Pooh
Tigger and Pooh playing
It all started with a little boy's stuffed bear....On Christmas Eve of 1925, A.A. Milne captured his son's fascination with his bear in a story published in the London Evening News. The story grew into the first Pooh book "Winnie the Pooh," published in October of 1926. Disney brought these stories to the big screen in 1966, with the release of the featurette, "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree."

Today Winnie the Pooh has grown to be a global icon that represents friendship and the simple joys and adventurous nature of a child's imagination. Known and trusted by parents, Pooh's popularity continues to touch the hearts and minds of children of all ages with DVD releases, books, consumer products, and entertainment around the world.

For more on the history of Winnie the Pooh, visit the Disney Archives.