Attention All Toontown Citizens:

All of us in the Toon Council are gearing up for a difficult future with the opening of Cog HQ. I really hope you are Toon enough because once Cog HQ opens we will

need all the help we can get. The Sellbot Headquarters will be fully operational any day now! Haven’t heard about Cog HQ? Click here now and read up! -Flippy

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Toon Council President

These Toons are fishing fanatics! They caught the most fish with the twig rod in the month of November.

  1. Sir Tubby Thundermuffin
  2. Googagoos McGoog
  3. Fat Orville Poppenswirl
  4. Lady Candy Fiddlefingers
  5. Captain Loony Wackybrains
  6. Loud Twiddlezaner
  7. Clover Gigglebee
  8. norm
  9. Zippy Zippenzapper
  10. Albert

Big thanks to everyone who participated in Billy Budd's First Annual Fishing Tournament. Congratulations to our winners – the banks of these Toons have been filled with 1000 jellybeans for each winning category!

Most fish caught
1. Sir Tubby Thundermuffin 7498
2. Tornado 6325
3. Lady Zippy Whiskergoose 6180

Heaviest Combined Fish
1. Tornado 31,328 lbs
2. Toon-Anator 25,640 lbs
3. Lady Zippy Whiskergoose
23,983 lbs

Clean up
Most boots Caught
1. Tornado 2408
2. Toon-Anator 2163
3. Sir Tubby Thundermuffin 1990

Everyone is a winner because we broke a new record! A grand total of 714,660 fish, 2,491,978 lbs. of fish, and 175,749 boots were caught during the tournament! This is only the first of many events so stay tooned for more!

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