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The results are in!
Your votes have determined how environmental causes from around the world will share the first donation from Disney. Polar Bears and Arctic Wildlife received the highest percentage of votes cast. As a result of your votes:

A $100,000 contribution will help protect arctic wildlife such as polar bears from the effects of climate change.
Wildlife in the Arctic is on the front lines of climate change. This program will help increase understanding of how dramatic climate changes are affecting wildlife and will identify key conservation areas in the Arctic that should be protected to ensure the survival of Arctic species, including the polar bear. Plus, the lessons we learn in the Arctic will help us conserve invaluable species in locations throughout the world impacted by climate change! Implemented by Wildlife Conservation Society.

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$50,000 will be contributed to the Children’s Forest in Los Angeles where kids like yourself will help to plant new trees.
It's important to protect the forests of the world’s tropical regions. It’s important at home, too. With the help of youth volunteers just like you, this program is growing seedlings at a Children’s Forest located within an hour’s drive of Los Angeles. The forest won’t just help absorb carbon – it will also be a place where kids can learn about forest ecology and the importance of forest restoration. Implemented by the San Bernardino National Forest Association.

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$50,000 will help protect endangered tropical forests in the Philippines.
The Philippine Eagle is the largest eagle in the world, with a wingspan of 6.6 feet. Its home is the tropical forests of the Sierra Madre mountain range, the largest old-growth forest cover in the Philippines. How can we protect it? This program will manage the forest in a way that generates income for local communities and reforests areas of the Sierra Madre at the same time, protecting habitat for the Philippine Eagle and providing climate benefits for all of us! This program will be implemented by Birdlife International and their partner, Haribon.

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$25,000 will be donated to help decrease pollution and protect local habitats in Rwanda.
In Rwanda, a small country in Africa that is home to one of the world’s last remaining populations of endangered mountain gorillas, wood stoves are used to cook food and provide warmth. When trees are cut down for stoves, it not only impacts our climate but also puts the habitat of mountain gorillas at risk. The solution? This program provides special green stoves for families in Rwanda that are quicker, cleaner, and use less fuel. This means fewer trees need to be cut down – good for the people of Rwanda, good for animals, good for trees, and good for our climate! Implemented by CHF International.

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$25,000 will go towards helping end deforestation in Central Mexico’s Oyamel forest.
Stopping deforestation is important. But what do you do when local communities rely on the forest to support their families? This program provides a solution. Central Mexico’s ancient Oyamel forests are an endangered forest ecosystem, and the winter home for migrating Monarch butterflies. These forests are also the location for a unique program that provides income to local communities through the construction of fuel-efficient Patsari stoves. Communities are using these stoves instead of open fires, which reduces the need to cut trees, protects butterfly habitat, and keeps their families healthy. But that’s not all – for each stove built, fifty trees are planted to bring the forest back to its original splendor! Implemented by ECOLIFE Foundation.

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Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

Disney is directing 100% of the proceeds from
"Send It On" to environmental charities through
the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.

The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) is an awards program focused on the study and protection of the world's wildlife and ecosystems, involving communities and addressing human needs. The DWCF has taken Walt Disney's legacy across the globe with more than $14 million in grants to 800 conservation programs in 110 countries.