Charitable Giving Programs

The results are in! Your votes have determined how global water programs will share the next round of donations from Disney. Kids Keeping U.S. Rivers Clean received the highest percentage of votes cast. As a result of your votes:

A $100,000 contribution will help kids keep rivers clean in the United States.
Through this program, kids will create cool rain gardens and "living" roofs that filter storm water to keep the Pascagoula River - the last large, free-flowing river in the continental United States - clean for people and wildlife. Even better, the young explorers and scientists who build these water-saving wild places in their schools and communities will post their work online and provide tips to show you how you can protect your local rivers, too! Implemented by National Audubon Society.

$50,000 will contribute towards improving the collection of safe drinking water in Ethiopa.
Families in many parts of Ethiopia do not have enough clean and safe water for drinking, washing their hands, or cooking. To help these families, this program will repair wells so that the water inside is cleaner, build merry-go-rounds in schools that pump fresh water from the ground as they spin, and construct rooftop systems to catch rainwater that families can drink. Implemented by CHF International.

$50,000 will help create educational programs about watershed conservation in the U.S.
Watersheds are important, but what are they? They're areas of land where all of the water drains into the same river or lake. This program will build upon Dr. Marcus Eriksen's trip down the Mississippi River in a boat made out of 232 2-liter plastic bottles, an old car seat and two bicycles by creating educational programs for school children about watershed conservation. The program will also establish Plastics are Forever recycling projects in communities stretching from Minnesota to Louisiana, helping inspire the next generation of watershed leaders to keep the Mississippi clean! Implemented by Algalita Marine Research Foundation.

A $25,000 contribution will help reduce pollution in Brazil's lagoons and rivers.
This program will help reduce water pollution in the rivers and lagoons of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. This pollution is very dangerous because local people are eating the poisoned fish that live in the rivers, which is making them sick. The program will build a plan that can decrease the pollution problem and help local people learn about health threats from eating contaminated fish. Implemented by Fauna & Flora International.

A $25,000 contribution will help encourage freshwater protection in Cambodia.
This program will improve the lives of the people and animals - like hairy-nosed otters and fishing cats - that live on, in or near Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia. Nearly three million people rely on the Tonle Sap for freshwater and food, but the water is dirty because people are cutting down the flooded forests that keep it clean. This program will make local people partners in the protection of the lake, by encouraging them to protect the forests so people get clean water and more food, and wildlife gets a place to live! Implemented by Conservation International.

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

Disney is directing 100% of the proceeds from
"Send It On" to environmental charities through
the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.

The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) is an awards program focused on the study and protection of the world's wildlife and ecosystems, involving communities and addressing human needs. The DWCF has taken Walt Disney's legacy across the globe with more than $14 million in grants to 800 conservation programs in 110 countries.