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The Golden State in DISNEY'S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE™ park brings to life the diversity of the land, the people, and the history of the great state of California. From the gold rush of the mid 1800s to today's technological gold rush of Silicon Valley, California is the state of opportunity. Is it the climate, the scenic wonders, the bountiful land, or the free-spirited attitude that draws people from all over the world? In fact, it's all of these things and more, all celebrated in grand style in the Golden State.

Majestically set in the center of Golden State is Grizzly Peak, a rock-carved grizzly bear mountain featuring the great California icon crafted in stone at its peak. It is here, in a setting reminiscent of the state's national parks, that the great outdoors is celebrated amid towering pine trees and rustic landscaping. An exciting mountain river rapids ride, Grizzly River Run, takes Guests aboard an expedition raft where the rushing currents sweep them splashing down and around the mammoth peak. If firmer ground is in order, Grizzly Peak Recreation Area offers Guests the more leisurely option of walking and hiking the wooded region.

For those with a truly adventurous spirit, to the west of Grizzly Peak is the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, a precarious obstacle course featuring cable slides, rope bridges, rock climbing, and cargo netting woven through the treetops. Evoking memories of a fun-filled family camping experience, the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail also offers educational programs on the great outdoors along with folksy homespun entertainment.

The aviation industry has much of its roots in California. Condor Flats, scenically designed as a 1940s high desert airfield, is the Golden State's tribute to the state's rich high-flying heritage. Aircraft memorabilia, period buildings, and test equipment from the glory days of flying are incorporated in this region. Housed in an aircraft hangar on the site is the all-new "Soarin' Over California" attraction. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, the ride takes Guests on a soaring free flight over the scenic wonders of California. Eighty-seven Guests at a time are lifted 40 feet aloft and surrounded on all sides by a giant projection dome that features a wondrous journey over Yosemite, the Napa Valley, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, and more beautiful locations throughout the state. Guests feel the sweeping wind currents and smell the scent of orange blossoms along the way while a dramatic musical score further enhances the most realistic free flight experience ever developed for a theme park attraction.

The beauty of San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts Rotunda stands as a monument to the Bay Area district of the Golden State, where the state's dynamic spirit of technological innovation and artistic creativity is celebrated in a variety of California Workplace exhibits. Watch Bay Area artisans work to create ceramics, paintings, folk art and a variety of handmade crafts indicative of the region. The world famous Golden Gate Bridge, replicated in smaller scale, is prominently showcased spanning the Entry Plaza to DISNEY'S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE.

Pacific Wharf, a waterfront industrial area inspired by Cannery Row in Monterey, salutes the diverse cultures, unique products, and industries that are synonymous with the state. On-site workshops and working micro-factories demonstrate how many California food products, such as San Francisco sourdough bread and Mexican tortillas, are made. It is in this region that the international cultural diversity of the state is exemplified through internationally inspired food locations offering an appetizing array of treats.

California's rich history is explored in an original motion picture created exclusively for Disney's California Adventure called "Golden Dreams," a moving story of the people and events that shaped the state. Presented in a 335-seat theater, the 20-minute, 70mm movie stars Whoopi Goldberg as the entertaining spirit of California, who chronicles the history of the state through the immigration of people from around the world who have made California what it is today. An original and moving musical score helps chronicle the journey.

The Napa Valley, California's world-famous wine growing region, is represented by the Golden Vine Winery sponsored by Robert Mondavi Wines. Nestled at the base of Grizzly Peak is a beautiful contemporary mission style structure housing the wine-tasting facility. Also featured inside the complex is a seven-minute media presentation, "Seasons of the Vine," which tells the story of winegrowing through the four seasons of the year. A gourmet restaurant designed by the Mondavis offers Guests a romantic setting in which to enjoy a fine dining experience.

California's agricultural heritage is on display at Bountiful Valley Farm. Food indigenous to the state such as avocados, artichokes and citrus fruits will be grown and harvested on site. Exhibits and programs provide a fun and educational look at the farming industry exploring such topics as irrigation and growth patterns. The Bountiful Valley Farmer's Market, reminiscent of California roadside stands, offers Guests a variety of food and drink. Date shakes, fresh fruit, California sandwich wraps, baked potatoes and turkey legs are among the selection of tasty treats on tap.

Direct from the trunk of the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, comes Bug's Life Theater presents "It's Tough to Be a Bug," an amazingly creative and humorous 3-D presentation that features a bug's-eye view of the world. Throughout the 11-minute show, the Bug's Life Theater literally "crawls" with special effects that will keep the whole family on the edge of their seats.

The people, the land, the international cultures, the art, the food and the rich history of California are now showcased in one place, a very special place indeed -- the Golden State at DISNEY'S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE.


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