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Inside DISNEY'S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE™ park, it's endless summer all year 'round at the land known as Paradise Pier. Reminiscent of "thrills and chills" seaside recreation parks of years gone by, Paradise Pier incorporates nostalgia with state-of-the-art technology in an atmosphere that invigorates the senses with sights, sounds, and high-energy excitement at every turn. In a colorful atmosphere around a lush oceanfront lagoon, Paradise Pier offers Guests the ultimate sun 'n' fun California experience with rides, midway games, boardwalk entertainment, and beach-themed food emporiums for snacks or sit-down dining. It's an all-encompassing, all-exciting, and all-California experience. Dominating the landscape is California Screamin', a colossal roller coaster patterned after the world's great wooden coasters. California Screamin' literally catapults Guests at 55 mph up a launch ramp on a white-knuckle ride up, down, around, and over the nearly two-mile long track. Incorporated into the thrill ride are several steeply angled drops and a unique 360-degree loop around the interior circle of a Mickey Mouse icon. The high-intensity ride also features several "scream tunnels," which elevate the thrills to even greater heights.

Situated at the edge of the Paradise Pier lagoon is the 150-foot-tall Sun Wheel, which, at first glance, might seem like a traditional ferris wheel. But appearances can be deceiving. Standing taller than DISNEYLAND® park's Matterhorn Mountain, with a huge revolving sunburst set in its center, the Sun Wheel is actually a ride within a ride. Guests board the attraction vehicle and are lifted up and around the giant wheel. Some are also moved within the spokes of the structure, sliding along interior curves as the wheel turns. This is one Ferris wheel Guests will never forget!

Based on the "test-your-strength with a sledgehammer and ring the bell" game, Paradise Pier's triple-towered Mali-Boomer ride positions Guests in an enclosure and vertically skyrockets them up 200 feet via a high-powered compressed air launch system to hit the top and sound the gong. The super-speed thrust actually produces the feeling of multiple G-forces. Guests can catch their breath on the ride down, paced at a much more moderate rate.

Located underneath California Screamin' is King Triton's Carousel, a one-of-a-kind ocean-themed carousel that features marine creatures instead of horses. Included among the denizens of the deep are dolphins, sea otters, sea horses, and grouper.

A mini-roller coaster for the younger set, Mulholland Madness takes riders on a wild and wacky trip on the California freeway system. Set alongside a huge freeway map, the automobile-themed vehicles are routed over a maze of roadways and interchanges in a fun-filled experience that can best be described as pint-sized freeway frolics. A kid's-sized version of a vertical thrill ride is presented on the Jumpin' Jellyfish parachute attraction. Themed to an underwater kelp bed, brightly colored jellyfish lift riders via twin parachute towers to the very top, where the jellyfish unfolds and sends Guests floating back down to ground level.

Another Paradise Pier icon is the Orange Stinger, a massive steel structure fashioned in the image of a half-peeled California orange. Inside the "orange" is a unique ride that places passengers aboard bumble-bee themed vehicles that swing around the inside perimeter of the fruit, all to the buzz of a hive's worth of bees. The Golden Zephyr, a nostalgic Buck Rogers' rocket ship ride, spins Guests out over the Paradise Pier Lagoon.

And what would a California amusement park be without midway games? Paradise Pier features its own brand of skill-game fun alongside the boardwalk at the edge of the lagoon. Amid an ever-changing panorama of excitement, the look of the Boardwalk is organized chaos, with food cart vendors, perpetual entertainment, and midway games. With names like Shore Shot and San Joaquin Volley, the feel of the games is brash and sassy. Stand on the Boardwalk, the very heart of Paradise Pier, and enjoy the rush of good old-fashioned fun.

A bevy of surfside food locations are set on the expanse of Paradise Pier. A highlight is the full-service oceanfront restaurant Avalon Cove by Wolfgang Puck. Shopping is California beach-oriented with shops such as Dinosaur Jack's Sunglass Shack, Man Hat 'n' Beach, Sideshow Shirts, Souvenir 66, and Treasures in Paradise, among others. When night descends, the Paradise Pier energy meter rises even higher as thousands of lights and visual effects turn the entire area into a spectacular eye-popping display of wondrous sights and sounds. Undoubtedly, the wildest, brashest, and most cutting-edge land in DISNEY'S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE, Paradise Pier epitomizes the California beachfront amusement park with unforgettable thrills and chills for fun-seekers of all ages.


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