Learning: DisneyHand Teacher Awards: The 2004 Honorees

Honored In
City State
Cindy Aillaud Wellness and Sports 2004 Delta Junction AK
Charles (Chuck) Boucher Applied Fields 2004 Harrisville RI
Carol Boyer Elementary Intermediate 2004 Elma WA
Mellie Hamilton

Sally Austin

Middle School Humanities (Team) 2004 Waynesville NC
Brian Freeman Elementary Primary 2004 Red Springs NC
Liz Gallego The Arts 2004 Dallas TX
Robert Garry Elementary Intermediate 2004 Bristol CT
Tammy Haggerty Jones Elementary Primary 2004 Sauk Village IL
Jason Harding Special Needs 2004 Pittsburgh PA
Julie Harris Elementary Intermediate 2004 San Diego CA
John Hartzog Middle School Math 2004 Macungie PA
Deb Hurst Elementary Early Childhood 2004 Austin TX
Hector Ibarra Middle School Science 2004 Iowa City IA
Gillian King Middle School Science 2004 Fond du Lac WI
Gail Janus Kreher Special Needs 2004 Alpharetta GA
Jason Kuhlman Elementary Primary 2004 Central Point OR
Jason M. Larison Applied Fields 2004 Holton KS
Casey LaRosa Middle School Humanities 2004 Montclair NJ
Glenn Lid High School Science 2004 Maywood IL
Danny Magráns High School Humanities 2004 Clarksville TN
Janet Maguire Middle School Math 2004 Concord MA
Darlene M. Martin High School Math 2004 Grafton WV
Susan Menkes The Arts 2004 Jericho NY
Warren G. Phillips Middle School Science 2004 Plymouth MA
Gary Piercey High School Math 2004 Houston TX
Elizabeth Pumala Wellness & Sports 2004 Gages Lake IL
Cindy Rosser Elementary Early Childhood 2004 Anchorage AK
Michael Schaffer High School Humanities 2004 Des Moines IA
Sue Stinson Wellness & Sports 2004 Overland Park KS
Brigitte Tennis Middle School Humanities 2004 Redmond WA
Robert F. Thomas III Special Needs 2004 Spring TX
Jeffrey Thompson Elementary Early Childhood 2004 Fort Lewis WA
Joe Underwood The Arts 2004 Miami FL
Claude F. Valle III Middle School Math 2004 Weston MA
Pamela Caldwell Vaughan High School Science 2004 Fordyce AR
Darrell S. Woods High School Science 2004 North Canton OH
Aimee L. Young High School Humanities 2004 Loudonville OH