'Virtually' Rock Out with Pixel Perfect - Music From the Disney Channel Original Movie!
Pixel Perfect
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The Movie
Computer whiz Roscoe creates holographic rock star Loretta Modern to be the lead singer in his best friend Samantha's band, since Sam doesn't have the right image to front the group. Loretta quickly becomes a superstar and Roscoe starts to fall in love with her, leaving Sam feeling jealous and willing to go to desperate lengths when a crisis looms. Loretta questions why she was created, she and Sam come to terms with each other, as Roscoe realizes that perfection isn't everything and that reality is better than the dream.

The Music

Pixel Perfect features rock songs from the circuit-blowing adventures and excitement of Disney Channel's latest original movie!

Includes the following all-new songs:
  1. Perfectly  RealPlayer Quicktime

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  2. Nothing's Wrong With Me  RealPlayer Quicktime
  3. Notice Me  RealPlayer Quicktime
  4. Get Real  RealPlayer Quicktime
  5. When the Rain Falls  RealPlayer Quicktime
  6. If You Wanna Rock  RealPlayer Quicktime
  7. Don't Even Try It  RealPlayer Quicktime
  8. Tru Blu  RealPlayer Quicktime
Catch the Music Video for 'Notice Me' Here! Catch the Music Video for 'Nothing's Wrong With Me' Here!
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