Stuck in the Suburbs - Songs from Disney Channel's Original Movie
Stuck in the Suburbs
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Who is Jordan Cahill?
The small town pace quickens for 14-year-old Brittany Aarons when she learns that pop idol Jordan Cahill's music video will be filmed in their neighborhood. After Brittany and Natasha, the worldly new girl at school, scheme a way to make it onto the video set, a series of mishaps occur and Brittany winds up with Cahill's state of the art PDA. Things get complicated when Brittany and Natasha discover his "boy band" image isn't consistent with the artist he truly is so, with the help of modern technology, they manipulate his daily schedule to expose his true artistry and personality.

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Check Out These Videos: 'Over It' - by Anneliese van der Pol 'Make a Wish' by Jordan Cahill 'On Top of the World' - by Jordan Cahill 'Good Life' by Jesse McCartney

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