Introducing the Album That's Better Than Lipgloss... 'Lizzie McGuire'

The Show: For 14-year-old Lizzie, every day is a popularity contest, every class is a crisis. Lizzie's animated alter ego gives the unrestrained and hysterical scoop on the emotions that the real Lizzie feels all too well.

The Soundtrack: A must-have album for Lizzie fans who just can't get enough! Featuring songs by the star of Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff, and other tunes that make the show "seriously cool!"

The Track List:
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  1. "I Can't Wait" - Hilary Duff
  2. "Why Can't We Be Friends" - Smashmouth
  3. "All I Can Do" - Jump 5
  4. "Us Against the World" -- Play
  5. "Irresistible" - Jessica Simpson
  6. "ABC" - Jackson 5
  7. "Everybody Wants Ya" -- S Club 7
  8. "Start the Commotion" - The Wiseguys
  9. "Walk Me Home" - Mandy Moore
  10. "What They Gonna Think" - Fan03
  11. "Have a Nice Life, Baby" - Dana Dawson
  12. Theme Song to "Lizzie McGuire"
Lizzie McGuire Soundtrack

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