A Little Music Grows a Long Way
Baby Mickey and Pluto Music can have a powerful influence on a child's development from the very start. Lullabies you play or sing will mark a baby's first steps on the road to a lifetime of musical enjoyment and expression. In addition to stimulating creativity and being simply enjoyable, active music-making has been shown to increase a child's intelligence in ways we're just beginning to understand.
What parents should now:

  • Kids are ready to begin making music earlier than you may think. And before then they benefit from just listening. Hearing music stimulates the mind, improves the mood, and brings people together.
  • A study at the University of California at Irvine showed that young kids participating in music instruction had dramatically enhanced abstract reasoning skills. In fact, researchers have discovered neural firing patterns that suggest that music may hold the key to higher brain function.
  • Research at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, showed that grade-school kids who took music lessons scored higher on tests of general and spatial cognitive development -- abilities that affect performance in math and engineering.

What parents can do:

  • Make music a part of your home life.
  • Expose your children to different types of music. Go to musical events, listen to the radio, enjoy musical performances on television, play CDs, sing songs, or play instruments.
  • Encourage and support your children when they become interested in playing an instrument.

Whether you choose upbeat music or a soft, soothing lullaby, you can give your baby music to grow on with a selection of just-for-little-ones audio products from Walt Disney Records.
Disney's Lullaby Album
Disney's Lullaby Album

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Disney's Princess Lullaby Album
Disney's Princess Lullaby Album

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Disney's My First Sing-Alongs
Disney's My First Sing-Along

A delightful experience for parents to share with infants and toddlers, Disney's My First Sing-Alongs combine musical entertainment and education to help stimulate baby's early learning skills during these important formative years.
Disney Babies Lullaby
Disney Babies Lullaby and Playtime

Help stimulate your baby's imagination and creativity through music with this great audio title featuring favorite sleepy-time songs.