Disney-Pixar Finding Nemo - original soundtrack and read-along

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2002 Grammy® Award winner, Thomas Newman, adds a unique and entertaining score to complement this new Disney*Pixar film. Robbie Williams, UK chart-topper, adds an energetic end credit song, "Beyond the Sea."

Thomas Newman is one of the brightest stars of film music's new generation of composers currently at work in Hollywood. He has composed music for films such as The Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty, The Road to Perdition and more than fifty other films. Cousin to accomplished singer-songwriter Randy Newman, Thomas has received four Academy Award® nominations and a Grammy® Award.

  1. Wow   RealPlayer Quicktime
  2. Barracuda   RealPlayer Quicktime
  3. Nemo Egg (Main Title)   RealPlayer Quicktime
  4. First Day   RealPlayer Quicktime
  5. Field Trip   RealPlayer Quicktime
  6. Mr. Ray, Scientist
  7. The Divers
  8. Lost
  9. Short-Term Dory
  10. Why Trust A Shark?
  11. Friends Not Food
  12. Fish-O-Rama
  13. Gill
  14. Mt. Wannahockaloogie
  15. Foolproof
  16. Squishy
  17. Jellyfish Forest
  18. Stay Awake
  19. School Of Fish
  20. Filter Attempt
  1. The Turtle Lope
  2. Curl Away My Son
  3. News Travels
  4. The Little Clownfish From The Reef
  5. Darla Filth Offramp
  6. Lost In Fog
  7. Scum Angel
  8. Haiku
  9. Time To Let Go
  10. Sydney Harbour
  11. Pelicans
  12. Drill
  13. Fish In My Hair!
  14. All Drains Lead To The Ocean
  15. ...P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney...
  16. Fishing Grounds
  17. Swim Down
  18. Finding Nemo
  19. Fronds Like These
  20. Beyond The Sea
    Robbie Williams
      RealPlayer Quicktime

Finding Nemo Read-Along - Buy Now The Read-Along
Dive into a whole new world of fun, fantasy, and heartfelt emotion on Read-Along format with this splashy underwater journey of two unlikely friends across the ocean and all the incredible adventures that happen along the way.

Read-Along features:

  • 24-page storybook with colorful images
  • Audio CD or Cassette featuring story narration
  • Great for travel!

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