Interview with Buzz Lightyear

In the first movie, you and Woody were at odds. What changed to make you want to risk your life to rescue him?
Well, we finally came around to being friends, and I would do just about anything for him, within reason. I mean, I'm not going to shine his boots for him.

You lead the mission to rescue Woody from Al. Have you ever led a mission as important as this before?
This was definitely my toughest challenge yet. We weren't just going next door to Sid's house; we had to make it all the way from the suburbs to the city and back. That's quite a trip, especially when you're 12 inches high. Not to mention you have to freeze whenever people are around.

What do you think makes a good leader?
Courage and determination are right up there at the top of my list. And a good set of terillium-carbide wings doesn't hurt.

How does your Space Ranger training help on this mission?
The Space Ranger Academy taught me to be prepared for any situation, and to be resourceful. When we had to cross a city street, for example, we made use of some nearby traffic cones -- they're perfect camouflage for a toy. I have to thank Slinky Dog too for allowing us to use his spring as a bungee cord when we were in some tight spots.

What's the best thing about being an action figure?
Definitely the action part. Never a dull moment. I'm especially proud of my karate chop action, but the gears are getting a little worn. I can barely put a dent in a soda can.

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