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I'm Hamm, the local bank and resident numismatist. For you uneducated types, that's a collector of money. I myself am an educated type. I attended Shoat, the prestigious prep school, then matriculated to Bacon State, a highly regarded school in the Pig Pen.

I'm thrifty, clean -- especially for a member of the swine family -- and a little bit of a know-it-all since I can see everything that's going on from my top-shelf vantage point in Andy's room. I would have to say that I'm the only toy in the room who actually looks forward to birthdays and holidays. Cha-ching!

When I first arrived in Andy's room a couple of years ago, as a gift from his Uncle Bob and Aunt Fern, I didn't have a nickel to my name. I have since been steadily saving, however, and now have a belly full of change. Also three paper clips, two buttons, a Lego flag, the ship from a Monopoly game, the missing gun from Woody's holster, a token from Pizza Planet, and a couple of Golden Dread Head pogs.

My favorite coin is the Susan B. Anthony dollar, not to be confused with the Canadian quarter. Yes sir, the Susan B. is OK by me. That baby has some heft to it, and resonates beautifully against my insides. I'm also partial to British coinage. A halfpenny is the perfect light snack before bedtime. Cha-ching!

Just between you and me ... I have a cork in my stomach. It is not considered polite to mention this with children present.

'Hamm'ing It Up

"What's goin' on down there -- is his mom losin' her marbles?"
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"Yes sir, we're next month's garage sale fodder for sure."
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"Way to go, Idaho!"
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Hamm's voice belongs to John Ratzenberger.

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