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Borrowing Vacation Points

Key Term:
Moving Vacation Points from your next Use Year to your current Use Year.

Just like banking, borrowing Vacation Points can give you a great deal of flexibility. For instance, let's say you come up with an incredible vacation plan for you and your family. The only problem is that the vacation you're dreaming of requires nearly twice as many Vacation Points as you're allotted this Use Year. Since you have the freedom to borrow Vacation Points from your next Use Year, it's no problem at all.


Important things to remember

  • You may borrow up to 100% of your allotted Vacation Points from the next Use Year into your current Use Year.
  • Borrowing Vacation Points can only occur at the time of confirming a reservation. Only the number of Vacation Points needed to make the reservation can be borrowed.
  • Once borrowed, Vacation Points cannot be returned to their original Use Year and will expire if not used by the end of the current Use Year.
  • Borrowed Vacation Points cannot be transferred to another Member.
  • Borrowed Vacation Points cannot be banked.
  • Borrowed Vacation Points may be applied to all exchange program reservations, including other Disney Vacation Club Resorts, The Disney Collection, World Passport Collection, Concierge Collection, and Adventurer Collection.


Banking and Borrowing Conditions

  • In order to bank and/or borrow Vacation Points, Members need to be current on their annual dues and monthly loan payments (if applicable), and any other outstanding balances, including, but not limited to, Member Getaways transaction fees, miscellaneous services booked by Member Services in connection with a Member reservation, and balances due in relation to Disney Vacation Club Resort stays.
  • Only Members who have closed on their contracts are eligible to bank and/or borrow.
  • The total number of Vacation Points that are allotted, banked and/or borrowed may not exceed 300% of your Vacation Points allotment for any given Use Year.
  • In order to maintain a proper balance of Vacation Points in the Central Reservation System, banking and/or borrowing may be suspended or limited from time to time.
  • Vacation Points may be banked via email.
  • Please note that when Vacation Points are banked or borrowed, it is a final transaction.

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